First, buying a property in Bodrum is more than investing is real estate it is investing is a sophisticated and peaceful lifestyle.

After the opening of the new Milas-Bodrum Airport and the big and extensive investments made in Bodrum by the government and big Turkish and international companies, Bodrum with its intense nightlife, beautiful beaches, historical sites… is no longer just a summer town, it became a lively coastal city with properties providing high rental income and high capital appreciation.

Property prices in Bodrum have been rising steadily and rapidly in recent years, and it will continue to rise in value as planned shopping centres, holiday villages and new hotels continue their development process over the next years.

Yachting facilities and marinas in Bodrum are appealing for many amateurs and celebrities across the world, as well as the new golf courses appearing in the region, which will also add value to the Turkish Riviera and its property market.

Bodrum is among the rare places around the world that once visited, people always return and start dreaming of owning their dream house here.

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