Turkish Islands Around Bodrum

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1 – Karaada

Karada or Black Island in English, can be seen from almost anywhere in Bodrum, and most of the daily boat trips call there…

The island is famous for its meteor hole and the healing mineral springs. The meteor hole is a very interesting attraction though, but the hot springs are the main attraction on the island. As a first impression, the hot springs do not look that big at first, but when you are near you will find a secret cave that is amazing. Even Cleopatra, or so the story goes, favored the mineral-rich mud sourced from the cave to maintain the beauty of her skin.


2 – Orak Island

Here are olive groves on the uninhabited island. The cape at the south coast is known as an ideal place for underwater sports

Orak Island is an uninhabited island, famous for its olive trees, crystal clear water, rich underwater, interesting topographic structure, and crystal-clear water.

When arriving there you could see the differences between shades of blue in the water, as some spots are light blue, some are dark blue, and some are turquoise. It is hard not to be fascinated by the clarity and cleanliness of the water.

3 – Kargi Island

Kargı Island is a 2.13 hectares uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea, within the borders of Bodrum town of Muğla province. It got this name from its rocks rising vertically towards the sky like a pike. There is a lighthouse on the island.

Since it is very close to Bodrum, it is used for sailing training and races. It is also a preferred area for fishing and scuba diving and is a famous destination among divers, as there are amphorae from the Roman period (4th century AD) shipwrecks.

4 – Kizilada

Kızılada or Red Island in English got its name from the reddish color of the sand and pebbles on its shores get at sunset. There is no other structure on the island other than the lighthouse. The east coast is closed to the waves, so it is suitable for anchoring and swimming.

5 – Salih Island

The island is administratively connected to the Bodrum and located across Güvercinlik Bay. The hills of the island are covered with pine forest, and the skirts are covered with olive groves.

It is believed that Salih Island was the ancient city of Karyanda. Karyandians left the island and settled around Türkbükü village and Gölköy (Göltürkbükü, Bodrum) and founded New Karyanda.

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