Things To Know Before Visiting Bodrum

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Bodrum is a quaint port town, with a Mediterranean climate. So, and especially during the summer you should be aware of the sunny conditions and humid air. Wandering in the old White streets or Bodrum Castle is best during the early morning hours or late afternoon.

Planning your trip to Bodrum is best if it is done early, as you can find cheaper flights and will ensure that you have the finances to enjoy the other pleasures of the Turkish town. Book your flight a few months in advance and look for packages that include different tours!

The Bodrum Castle is home to the MUSEUM OF UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY, and if you are willing to visit it so there are few things to know before. The Turkish government transformed part of the castle grounds into this museum in 1962. Visiting this museum is a great way to check out the shipwrecks of the Aegean Sea. Some of the amphorae found at the small Byzantine ship that dates back to 9th century A.D. are today exhibited in the storage order at the historical space. Also, there are rooms devoted to a princess of the region and the jewelry worn by Turkish women. Beyond those discoveries, farther into the castle is an area that contains almost every tree and plant of the Mediterranean region.

Since the construction of the castle, the grounds have gone through many changes. From being used as a Turkish military base to a Turkish bathing house, this Bodrum Castle is full of many surprising landscapes. Every inch of the castle contains a small part of the history in the way that it has been left.

Coming to shopping, do not forget to bargain in street markets and private trade shops. If new acquaintances or shop sellers invite you to have a cup of coffee, you should accept the invitation with gratitude, People here are hospitable!

The city is distinguished by a well-developed public transportation system.

Do not forget to leave a tip when in restaurants and cafes, the staff will be surely grateful. A tip of 10% of the total bill will be surely sufficient.

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