Bodrum…The holiday paradise where you can meet glass masterpieces in a colorful world.

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Being the products of artists’ patience, creativity, and skills, handmade glass articles are precious masterpieces carrying knowledge and different stories from the depths of history. Glass is an interesting material that even though it is fragile, does not deteriorate through time, and does not change once it has assumed a form. Due to the differences in the layers of the glass, the pieces are always different even if it is made the same way.

As mesmerizing, jaw-dropping glassblowing shows or as we can call it “spectacle of glassmaking”, have become a popular pastime…Bodrum is home to many stands and ateliers where tourists can watch the process show while artists extract molten glass from a 2,000 degrees furnace with a long metal blowpipe. and sculpting it using different metal tools, applying color or more glass, and reheat the glass periodically in another furnace called a “glory hole.” At any point, the entire vessel could break off the pipe and shatter. Glass is hard to control, so, often artists improvise as their works develop organically, bending their creativity to match where the material takes them, which makes the process more attractive to watch.

Glass Art is simply giving life to glass by blowing. Each masterpiece is embodied in completely different from the magic touches of the masters. Nasuf Cömert is one of the masters who devoted his life to this art. He got into the art of glass based on the training he received from masters in Germany and Switzerland. Cömert, who devoted himself to this art, served as a glass artist in Bodrum Castle Underwater Archeology Museum for about 22 years. Afterward, Cömert, who integrated his workshop with the magical atmosphere of Bodrum streets, continues his art at the stand in Bodrum Kale Street. You can discover his work in the castle during the day and in Gumusluk in the evenings. The stand attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists in Bodrum…

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