Bodrum’s Handmade Sandals…Feel the Gentle Breeze on your Feet

  • 3 years ago
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You can feel the gentle breeze of Bodrum on your feet and enjoy the freedom while discovering your own Bodrum, wearing Bodrum’s famous handmade sandals.


There are only 10 alive masters who produce Bodrum’s world-famous and unique handmade sandals.  Ali Güven, one of the world-famous old masters living in Bodrum, has displayed the fame of Bodrum Sandals all over the world with hundreds of models and thousands of sandals he has successfully produced throughout his career, and people have formed long lines to buy his sandals.


The masters who continued after him continue to bring together the inspiration and experience they gained in a creative line with their skillful hands. However, there are only a few masters who practice this profession. Today, although the production of these sandals is relatively easy, it is very difficult to find an apprentice and the supply of raw materials is limited. Mustafa Bostancı, one of the masters who practiced this business with his family, is pleased with the interest in Bodrum sandals. Bodrum Sandals are in great demand for tourists with their colorful varieties and models that appeal to every eye.


Bodrum Sandals are produced with 80% handcraft using materials that are completely organic and harmless to human health, they are also recommended by doctors for fungal and eczema ailments. Mentioning that the construction phases consist of molding, putting together, and integrating with knitted decorations, Mustafa Bostancı said that his wife Nurhan Bostancı supports him by creating knitting decorations and accessories, and his son supports him in other phases.

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