Bodrum’s Four Seasons: Climate Change

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Learn more about the climate in this region of Turkey.

Bodrum Minimum and Maximum Temperatures

Bodrum is a port city and district of the Mula Province in Turkey’s south-western Aegean area. Bodrum’s climate is characteristic of the southern Mediterranean; summers are long and hot, with average autumn temperatures of 20°C or more, brief winters with lows of 10°C, and an early spring.


Many yachtsmen prefer the more constant weather conditions from May to October, while the weather can (and frequently is) bright and sunny until early December. Storms and rain become more likely during the winter months beginning in October.


Spring (mid-March to mid-June): March marks the end of winter as the weather begins to warm up. Temperatures reach 20 – 21 degrees Celsius in April, bringing the citrus orchards, cedar and pine forests to life. In May, the days are sunny and the afternoons are warm, with an average air temperature of 26°C. The beaches are open, and you can swim and sunbathe in the sea. The average sea temperature is 16°C, and the average temperature for fresh water, non-heated swimming pools is roughly 22°C. Spring evenings might be cold, so a jumper, cardigan, or pashmina is recommended.


Spring in Bodrum is great for a full day of sightseeing at St. Peter’s Castle and seeing the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus.


Summer (mid-June to mid-September); Summers in Bodrum are hot, dry, and sunny, with little (if any) rain in July, August, and September.


August is Bodrum’s driest and warmest month of the year. The daily average temperature rarely falls below 30°C, with highs reaching 36°C or more.

Summer marks the beginning of the tourist season; the sea has warmed up to a lovely 26°C, swimming pools have reached a comfortable 28°C, and restaurants and music bars are at their busiest. The port of Bodrum is lined with classic gullet boats, ready for a day at sea.


Autumn (mid September to mid November): There are still many sunny days in Bordum with highs of 31°C during this time, although the temperature begins to gently decline after mid September. In October, the water temperature in Bodrum is still sufficiently warm for swimming, with an average of 23°C and a swimming pool temperature of 21°C. The weather can be unpredictable during the fall months, with a larger probability of rain. The winter months are beginning to be felt in early November, with morning air temperatures around 12°C and night temperatures at 7°C.


Winter (mid November to mid March): The winter months in Bodrum are brief and wet, but nevertheless reasonably mild, with an average low of 7°C. For a brief period, rain clouds may form, followed by gloomy or sunny weather. The rainiest months in Bodrum are November, December, January, and February, with February being the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of only 8°C. During the winter months, the average sea temperature is 17°C, and swimming pools have an average temperature of 14°C.


In the winter, travelers continue to visit Bodrum, as the winter months mark the beginning of the Pomegranate Season, when locals harvest fruits and juicing for fresh juice.

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