Bodrum Most Visited Landmarks

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Castle of St. Peter

This imposing structure, built by the Knights of St. John in the early 15th century, is the most prominent feature of Bodrum. You can read more about the caste here:

Bodrum Amphitheater

Built sometime during the Hellenistic age, the structure is situated on a hillside overlooking the city with a magnificent view over the white city of Bodrum, its huge Bodrum harbor, and the Bodrum bays. The theatre was used primarily as a stage for theatrical productions. A fantastic piece of History. You can explore the area, and who knows maybe you can enjoy a special Show are it still in use for summer concerts.


The Gumbet Windmills were built in the 18th century and became famous landmarks of the whole Bodrum Peninsula. You can visit the windmills on the hills and enjoy the stunning views of the Bodrum and Gumbet bays.

Bodrum Bar Street

Start your evening with a Turkish coffee to keep you going all night, then take your pick of beachfront bars with pricey cocktails or clubs where you can dance the night away. With several spots lining the street, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a good time.

Myndos Gate

The Myndos Gate dating back from 360’s BC, is located near the graveyard of Gumbet today, and it was built for defense purposes and is known to be one of the two monumental gates that exist.

Pedasa Antique City

Pedasa is a real hidden gem in the hills overlooking Bodrum. Very quiet with few visitors, it is a wonderful experience to discover history while being surrounded by scenic nature.

Institute of Nautical Archaeology

If you enjoyed the underwater exhibition in the castle and would like to see more you can visit the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

Kissebuku Bay

Untouched, quiet, and peaceful place, Bodrum Kissebükü is among the frequent destinations of boat tours. Here you can only hear nature, you can free yourself and dive in the green nature and the blue clear water. Please note that there is no accommodation, cafe, or restaurant on site!


The city of Myndos dates from the middle of the 4th century B.C. and was built my Mausolus around the time he was building Halicarnassus (now Bodrum). It was surrounded by a fortified wall measuring approx. 3.5km in length the route of the wall can still be traced for most of its length.

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